The Seagull (trans. Hampton)

Anton Chekhov translated by Christopher Hampton

DOI: 10.5040/9780571293520.00000005
Acts: 4. Roles: Male (8) , Female (5) , Neutral (0)

I know now, Kostya, I understand that in our work – doesn't matter whether it's acting or writing – what's important isn't fame or glamour, none of the things I used to dream about, it's the ability to endure.

The Seagull is one of the great plays about writing. It superbly captures the struggle for new forms, the frustrations and fulfilments of putting words on a page. Chekhov, in his first major play, staged a vital argument about the theatre which still resonates today.

Christopher Hampton's version of this classic premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London, in January 2007.

From The Seagull


Faber and Faber

Anton Chekhov translated by Christopher Hampton

ISBN: 9780571237357

Series: Faber Drama

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