Carmel Winters


Plays by Carmel Winters

Best Man

Bloomsbury Publishing
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High-flying real estate agent Kay Keane isn’t just earning a living for her family, she’s making a killing. Meanwhile, her husband and would-be novelist, Alan, is staked out at home, minding their children and earning ‘pin money’ by writing best man speeches. Juggling the modern-day demands of job and family is not easy, but this sparring pair seem to have arrived at a win-win situation. That is until Marta moves in. Hired to take care of their children so that Alan can finally write his novel, this sexy, straight-talking Bolivian nanny brings buried tensions to the fore. As Kay stingingly observes, soon the entire house is ‘smoking with lust for Nanny’.

Best Man is a devastatingly funny play about family wars and the wreckage caused when estranged parents compete for the spoils of property – and children . . .

Best Man premiered at The Everyman, Cork on 21 June 2013 and was performed at The Everyman from 21 to 29 June 2013 as part of Cork Midsummer Festival before transferring to Project Arts Centre, Dublin from 16 to 27 July 2013.

B for Baby

Bloomsbury Publishing
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B for Baby is a tender, sharp-witted play set in a residential care home for people with severe learning disabilities. Treating this taboo subject with humanity and humour, the play's acute and compassionate portraits result in a moving, if at times uncomfortable, drama.

Mrs C wants a baby not a Christmas tree. B wants a real hairdresser's scissors and a wife. D wants a snow globe and to have curly hair. All of them want their own place in the world. And if they can't find it, they'll create one of their own. The play follows B and D, and Mrs C their carer, on their journey towards happiness.

Poignantly exploring forbidden topics, B for Baby invites the reader or audience to rediscover the power and joy of make-believe. The play was first presented by the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in 2010.

Carmel Winters has written and directed a number of feature films, including Snap (Samson Films), If I Were Me (Irish Film Board/Northern Irish Film and Television Council), Second Nature and Torn (Irish Film Board).

In addition to writing short screenplays and television dramas, she is also founder writer/director/performer of Dublin's Other Stage Theatre and founder writer/director of Forum Theatre with Women's Aid, Dublin.

B for Baby, her first full length play, was produced at the Peacock in 2010.