Donna Michelle St. Bernard


Plays by Donna Michelle St. Bernard

Gas Girls

Playwrights Canada Press
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Gigi knows the limitations of her trade, while her young protege, Lola, looks for love in every man that comes her way. Lola's brother, Chickn, ekes out his own living while keeping an ever-watchful eye for Gigi's affections and Lola's safety. But love is not a luxury these girls can afford. Through story, song, and play, Gigi and Lola inspire each other to find joy on the edges of survival.

A Man A Fish

Playwrights Canada Press
Type: Text

Prosper is a fisherman trying to get by in the face of everyday problems: there’s the spectre of the baby his wife desires, the ghost of his dead mistress, his wife’s secret admirer, and the overwhelming lure of the village bar. When a slippery eel salesman arrives in town peddling progress to the rural community, Prosper’s list of problems only increases. Faced with an invasive new species in his lake, his fortunes decline along with the fish population, and Prosper gets a lesson in gift horses and generosity. A Man A Fish is a part of The 54ology, inspired by events in Burundi.

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Donna-Michelle St. Bernard is a prolific wordslinger, working for change through the arts as a playwright, director and performer. Notable works for the stage include Salome’s Clothes, The First Stone and Cake. She has been playwright-in-residence at Obsidian Theatre, lead vocalist for Belladonna & the Awakening and contributor to She is currently the general manager of Native Earth Performing Arts.