Winsome Pinnock

Plays by Winsome Pinnock

One Under

Faber and Faber
Type: Text

When tube train driver Cyrus experiences his first 'one under' it sets in motion a life-altering chain of events. In his search to understand the motives of his victim, Cyrus is caught up in a dark tunnel of secrets.

One Under premiered at the Tricycle Theatre, London, in February 2005.

Winsome Pinnock was born in London. Her award-winning plays include The Wind of Change (Half Moon Theatre, 1987), Leave Taking (Liverpool Playhouse Studio and National Theatre, 1988), Picture Palace (Women's Theatre Group, 1988), A Hero's Welcome (Women's Playhouse Trust at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, 1989), A Rock in Water (Royal Court Young People's Theatre at the Theatre Upstairs, 1989), Talking in Tongues (Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, 1991), Mules (Clean Break Theatre Company, 1996) and One Under (Tricycle Theatre, 2005). She has also written for radio and television. She is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at London Metropolitan University.