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Jess and Joe Forever

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Meet Jess and Joe. They want to tell you their story. Joe is Norfolk born and bred and wears wellies. Jess holidays there with her au pair and is slightly too tubby for her summer dresses. They are miles apart even when they stand next to each other. This is a story of growing up, fitting in (or not), boys, girls, secrets, scotch eggs and maybe even love, but most of all, it’s about friendship.

Spanning several summer holidays, Jess and Joe Forever is an unusual coming of age tale that explores rural life and what it means to belong somewhere, if you can really belong anywhere.A layered and thoughtful play about finding your place in the world when you only know a small corner of it.


Bloomsbury Publishing
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Excited about her new job as administrative assistant at a call centre, Stella is eager to fit in with her workmates and they seem to like her too: it really is like a family at Scion Communications so when they discover that Stella is pregnant they're all delighted for her. However, as her pregnancy progresses, their certainties about love, relationships and parenthood are questioned and their lives both at work and at home begin to unravel.

Set somewhere between an Orwellian dystopian vision and an all too familiar contemporary reality, Nativities turns a lens on everyday office life and how personalities are warped in its liminal space. Within the repeating motifs of the anonymity of the corporate existence, recurrent unvaried routines and ominously authoritative performance targets, the core of the play focuses on the sheer isolation and loneliness of the characters. The dialogue is overlapping, misunderstood and disconnected, and the characters are unable to communicate in spite of spending the majority of their waking lives together. This kaleidoscopic dialogue and the slippery, shifting ground between the characters effectively creates a new language for the stage which is startlingly original.

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Zoe Cooper is a playwright and theatre practitioner. She took the M Phil in Playwrighting at the University of Birmingham and was on the Royal Court Young Writers Programme. She worked as literary assistant at Hampstead Theatre and now works as a freelance dramaturg and theatre education officer. She has written short plays for Nabokov, Theatre503 and the Tristan Bates Theatre. Her play Nativities was produced at Live Theatre in 2012.